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Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone - The Southside Lives 

Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone - The Southside Lives - Purchase CD

2018 Independent Blues Award Nominee - 2017 Top 50 Release from SoundGuardian Magazine

"Their playing is reverent, and strikes a deep personal chord. The latest set from Jeff Dale and Jeff Stone proves one thing – no matter where life’s highway leads, “you can take the boy out of the South Side, but inside, “The Southside Lives!” " – Nashville Blues Society 

"A back porch take on urban blues, they might not have picked no cotton or had hell hounds on their tails but these guys give a better lesson in the blues than some far removed pedant professor could. It’s as authentic as it gets and I smell some Handy recognition in the wind. Killer stuff, particularly for contemporary ears." – Midwest Record

Jeff Stone and I grew up on the southeast side of Chicago. He and I became fast friends in the third grade. I’m guessing that would have made us 7 or 8 years old. Time and circumstances kept Jeff and me on separate musical paths but our friendship knew no such bounds. We talked about making a record together forever. "The Southside Lives” is the record I had to make with Jeff Stone – the record that I knew Jeff would dig deep into because he would know where every word I sang came from. And I knew that together, he and I would bring it all back home and make the Southside live. - Jeff Dale

Music, mainly the blues, was our saving grace, listening and learning as we struggled to make sense of everything. Life took my brother Jeff Dale and I down different roads, but the music we played from deep inside our souls; was always at the forefront of our unbreakable ties. When my brother began playing and recording again, we reconnected musically. When Jeff suggested we do this project together, it was a natural. Jeff is absolutely one knows the depth of the music and words that he composes more than I...we lived it together... This project is a lifetime in the making... – Jeff Stone

Release 2017 by Pro Sho Bidness and BlueStone Records


Reverend KM Williams Band - We all Sing the Blues- Live in Deep Ellum 

Reverend KM Williams - We All Sing the Blues - Live in Deep Ullum - Purchase CD

The Real Deal Texas Boogie/Blues ! Basically a modern Texas Country Blues & Boogie Band (with a heavy Delta Blues influence) in the style similar to Blind Willie Johnson, T-Model Ford, John Lee Hooker, Hound Dog Taylor & Lightning Hopkins! Rev KM Williams, a native East Texan, is on Guitar and Diddley Bow, and is a bonafide Texas Country Bluesman whose style is rooted in the deep Blues & Boogie of Lightnin Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, RL Burnside & Blind Willie Johnson. KM also happens to be an Ordained Minister of the Gospel, This CD is the best representation of Reverend KM Williams band Live Raw, Texas/Mississippi Boogie Blues sound recorded in the heart of Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX. dedicated to the Dallas Police dept and The city of Dallas, TX. 

Released 2016 by Reverend KM Williams

Reverend KM Williams, Lead Vocals and Guitar, Deacon Jeff Stone, Harmonica, Scott Lindsey, Bass and Chuck 'Popcorn' Louden, Drums.

Mississippi Gabe Carter - Live at Rosemont 

Mississippi Gabe Carter - Live from Rosemont - Purchase CD

  • Live from Rosemont 
  • by Mississippi Gabe Carter 

© Copyright - Jeffery Skolnik / Bluestone Records (889211911981) 

Mississippi Gabe Carter brings his unique brand of Bentonia, Mississippi blues everywhere from Europe, throughout America to churches, clubs, subways and street corners of his native Chicago. 

Genre: Spiritual: Traditional Gospel 

Release Date: 2015

Trainreck - Live At Old Town School of Music   

Trainreck - Live at Old Town School of Music - Purchase CD 

Trainreck - Live At Old Town School of Music  

Acoustic and modern take on traditional blues played with today's style and energy! Reverend KM Williams, Jeff Stone and Washboard Jackson in a showcase performance during the week they opened the Chicago Blues Festival of June 2012!  

Genre: Blues: Acoustic Blues  

© Copyright - Jeffery Skolnik / Bluestone Records (887516146527)  

Release Date: 2013

Jeff Stone - 3 Faces of the Blues 

Jeff Stone - 3 Faces of the Blues - Purchase CD

  • 3 Faces of the Blues
  • By Jeff Stone     
  • © Copyright - Jeffery Skolnik / Bluestone Records (888174180427) 
  • Genre: Blues: Blues Gospel 
  • Release Date: 2011


“The second Jeff in my story but still on the top of my year end list is Jeff Stone for: ‘Blues Album of the Year’: ‘3 Faces of the Blues’. The fact that I don’t write a lot of cd reviews for Ameriblues doesn’t mean I don’t listen to at least two or three new ones per week. Jeff’s ’3 Faces’ disc was a late entry this year but man am I glad I got it in time for this article. The production and time spent in the studio on this record is obvious, this is no ‘pro-tools’ production and every song proves that there is simply no substitute for a top flight recording studio and personnel who know what they’re doing. Add that to the line-up of talent on this record and what you get is in my opinion, Grammy material. I won’t write my ’3 Faces’ review here but watch for it coming to our pages in early 2012 and watch for Jeff out there promoting this record, he’ll blow you away like no other can. ” 

Casey Reagan - American Blues News (Dec 18, 2011)

Zac Harmon - The Blues According to Zacariah 

Zac Harmon - The Blues According to Zacariah - Purchase CD

In 2004, Harmon and his band, the Mid South Blues Revue, sponsored by the Southern California Blues Society, traveled to Memphis and won the Blues Foundation’s prestigious International Blues Challenge title of “Best Unsigned Band." 

His next release, in 2005, was The Blues According To Zacariah, which garnered major national airplay, including XM, Sirius and the American Blues Network.  XM listeners voted Harmon “Best New Blues Artist” in the inaugural XM Nation Awards in 2005.  In 2006, Harmon won the coveted Blues Music Award for “Best New Artist Debut” for The Blues According to Zacariah. 

© Copyright - Blue Stone Records/33rd Street Records / Blue Stone Records/33rd Street Records (828401122257) 

Released: Dec 22, 2004 
℗ 2005 Blue Stone Records/33rd Street Records