Croatia's SoundGuardian TOP 50 BLUES ALBUMS OF 2017 


Dec, 30 

And in this year 2017, at the very end of it, and after certain actions have been carried out and, above all, taking the reactions to you, the respected visitors to Blues Corner and also the Blues radio show list for you, I came to the top 50 blues releases 2017 . Of course, behind me is a little more than eight years of Blues broadcasting for you on the Križevci radio station. Behind me is over two hundred of this year's articles written on various albums and released on this music portal. Of course, these lyrics are mostly devoted to blues. 
Not to mention the Grammy Awards and the Blues Music Awards, I bring you the top 50 best blues releases in 2017 of my choice, from number 50 to number 1: 

The Southside Lives-JEFF DALE & JEFF STONE 
Pro Sho Bidness (2017)

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