CD Release - The Southside Lives - Jeff Dale and Jeff Stone 

May, 23 

Jeff Stone and I grew up on the southeast side of Chicago. He and I became fast friends in the third grade. I’m guessing that would have made us 7 or 8 years old. Time and circumstances kept Jeff and me on separate musical paths but our friendship knew no such bounds. We talked about making a record together forever. "The Southside Lives” is the record I had to make with Jeff Stone – the record that I knew Jeff would dig deep into because he would know where every word I sang came from. And I knew that together, he and I would bring it all back home and make the Southside live. - Jeff Dale 

Music, mainly the blues, was our saving grace, listening and learning as we struggled to make sense of everything. Life took my brother Jeff Dale and I down different roads, but the music we played from deep inside our souls; was always at the forefront of our unbreakable ties. When my brother began playing and recording again, we reconnected musically. When Jeff suggested we do this project together, it was a natural. Jeff is absolutely one knows the depth of the music and words that he composes more than I...we lived it together... This project is a lifetime in the making... – Jeff Stone 

"Their playing is reverent, and strikes a deep personal chord. The latest set from Jeff Dale and Jeff Stone proves one thing – no matter where life’s highway leads, “you can take the boy out of the South Side, but inside, “The Southside Lives!” " – Nashville Blues Society 

"A back porch take on urban blues, they might not have picked no cotton or had hell hounds on their tails but these guys give a better lesson in the blues than some far removed pedant professor could. It’s as authentic as it gets and I smell some Handy recognition in the wind. Killer stuff, particularly for contemporary ears." – Midwest Record 


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